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Pool Builders in South FloridaJust about any type of residential construction in Florida needs to include a pool. Whether it’s a new single-family home, a resort or hotel, or a public park project, having a cool, refreshing pool as part of the final project isn’t a luxury in South Florida’s hot, humid weather. It’s a necessity.

So the time to start thinking about the pool is during the planning phase. Once construction begins, it’s a lot harder to retrofit a pool — not to mention a lot more expensive. Prior to the start of construction, there’s still time to consider the appropriate placement, size and features, and the local zoning and regulatory issues that need to be considered.

Planning Your Pool

Our qualified pool consultants can assist you in designing and planning your pool. From developing the blueprints to creating the budget, the pool professionals at Essig Pools have the knowledge, skills, and ability to streamline your pool project, reducing potential costs while increasing construction efficiency.

There’s a lot that can go wrong with building a pool in South Florida, especially if you don’t have regulatory approval on the local and state level. Halting construction or even ripping out a half-built pool is not only costly and time-consuming, but can put your construction project over budget. So it’s worthwhile to have experienced pool consultants in the loop during the planning stages.

Essig Pools

At Essig Pools, we have been involved with residential and commercial pool construction in South Florida for more than four decades. We understand the challenges that can pop up and our experts are adept at anticipating them and resolving issues before they even happen.

Including a pool is essential in any type of South Florida residential new construction. Including Essig Pools in the planning process makes your pool project faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.