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pool renovation fort lauderdaleIn business, owners and managers have to face “make or buy” decisions all the time. Is it more cost-effective to manufacture a particular product ourselves or buy it from somebody else? The owners of aging pools often face the same dilemma: Is it better to build a brand new pool or renovate an existing one to replace an aging pool that’s past its prime?

You may surprised by how affordable and fast pool renovation projects can be. In many instances, it’s possible to add new designs, and modern water features, and even incorporate new materials into your existing pool in to create an instant upgrade that is both cost-effective and impressive.

Pool Renovation

When you opt for pool renovation over ripping out an existing pool and starting over, you have the benefit of using any existing infrastructure that may still have life left in it. For example, pump and filtering systems may still have years of use left in them. So there’s little benefit to throwing them out.

Instead, many residential and commercial pool owners can benefit from remodeling and improving their existing pools so that they look and feel brand new but are still built on the great bones of the original pools. This not only can dramatically reduce your budget but also can often be completed much more quickly than a tear-down and new construction.

Essig Pools

Essig Pools are the South Florida pool renovation experts who have the experience and knowledge to upgrade and improve your residential or commercial pool. We can include new designs, new water features, and even new materials like pavers, natural stone or mosaic, all while reducing costs and even increasing savings through more efficient and eco-friendly systems.

If your pool is outdated or inefficient, let the pool renovation experts at Essig Pools lay out your options. You may be surprised by how affordable pool renovation can be.