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Since 1981, the name Essig Pools has been synonymous with magnificent, high-quality swimming pools that are built to stand the test of time. Throughout the years, we have built a reputation based on commitment to the highest quality workmanship, reliability and the greatest value.
We know that buying or renovating a pool is a big decision for any homeowner. It can be exciting and challenging at the same time. First, there’s deciding what styles and features you want. Then there’s the task of choosing a pool builder that you can trust. To get all the answers you need, let us send you our FREE Pool Ideas Guide DVD

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Our Satisfied Customers Speak Out

A great, great experience. They (Essig Pools) are very accessible and ready to help us out with anything. I highly recommend them to all of our friends. You got to go with Essig. Everything was diligent; the people were very friendly, very cooperative. Done in a speedy fashion without cutting corners.  

Vivian Marlotte

Essig (Pools) really did a phenomenal job; really educated use on what we might want and what might fit best. We love the pools and could not be happier. Essig gave us the best information. We decided Essig was the best choice for us. (Essig Pools) Really made us feel comfortable. The integrity in the Essig name is really what ultimately steered us to Essig.

Scott and Donna Meter

What finally made us choose Essig Pools was that they have been in the business for along time, they have a lot of experience, they used good equipment, and they had really nice features. We had a terrible experience once before (with another company). We really wanted a company that would not let us down. They (Essig Pools) did a fantastic job. The customer service was incredible. There was always someone to answer questions. They were pretty fast. We would absolutely recommend them. We were very thrilled with the job, with the craftsmanship, with the customer service, with everything from the beginning to the end.

Leyla Punsalen

What I like best of the swimming pool is many features: it is very well built, very strong, very good materials. Essig Pools was the most professional, the best variety of options. They are so friendly, so professional, very good people to work with, and very flexible. That is why I decided to go with them and I do not regret that. Go with Essig; the best experience.

Jorge Martinez

They (Essig Pools) were one of a few pool builders in south Florida that belonged to a (pool building) society (AuqaTech). That was a reason we chose Essig Pools. They took the time to show you how their pool was built. They won first place from the associated swimming pool industries of Florida for their elite pool.

Christine Jassir

I picked Essig (Pools) because of their reputation. I highly recommend Essig Pools. Every time a situation came up they were they were there immediately to resolve the situation to my satisfaction. I was completely satisfied with their workmanship, their price, and their ability to be available.

Craig Vrablic

We looks for someone that had been in business a long time and had a good reputation and we heard a lot of good things about Essig Pools. Once we saw their product, their selection, and the 360 of what your pool will look like we were blown away. I certainly recommend Essig Pools. With Essig Pools you really get a whole lot more. It is the smart pool.

Brian Clay


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