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Prior to about a decade ago, just about every backyard swimming pool had the same basic features. While the shapes may have varied from rectangular to kidney-shaped to oval, there were only so many special features that could be included — such as a diving board, stairs, or perhaps a couple of ladders.

Today, however, custom pool design has exploded with creativity. Homeowners installing their backyard inground pool can choose from a wide variety of exciting features that make their pool unique.

Custom Features

There are water features such as infinity pools, spray fountains, or adjacent hot tubs or spas. There are wall features such as built-in benches, swim-outs, or tanning ledges. There are rock features such as custom walls, grottoes, or waterfalls. There are even custom pool tiles and mosaics that allow you to create your own unique design on pool floors, walls, decks, or special features.

With all the custom feature options available to pool owners today, the only limitation is your own imagination. Let your creativity run wild while collaborating with our professional, experienced pool designers to plan your spectacular and luxurious new backyard swimming pool.

Essig Pools

At Essig Pools, we have a slogan: “If you can dream it, we can build it.” The days of cookie-cutter swimming pools are over. Today, homeowners have so many options and special features to choose from that every p pool we build is an original masterpiece. Your pool can look any way you want it to look.

So if you are thinking about adding a pool to your home, replacing your existing outdated pool, or renovating your pool to include many of the new and exciting special features available today, the pool experts at Essig Pools have the experience, knowledge, and ambition to transform your pool dreams into your backyard reality.