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The first step in installing a new custom in-ground pool is determining exactly where it should go. While the spot may be obvious to you, there are often other factors to consider such as underground pipes, gas lines, and even natural impediments.

That’s why the very first thing the pool professionals at Essig Pools will do prior to even designing your new custom pool is to conduct a site visit. When we arrive at your home, we will collaborate with you to determine the ideal location, taking into account obvious factors like tree roots, existing structures, or marked gas, sewer, or underground electrical lines.

Research and Development

Another step is to do a little research. If you have plat documents for your property or even building blueprints, we will look at these to see if there is anything in the proposed pool location that we need to be concerned about. We also may use powerful metal detectors to examine the area for underground pipes, buried tanks, or other metal objects that could complicate the excavation process.

Before we sink the first shovel into your backyard’s soil, we want to make absolutely sure there is nothing there that will inhibit the smooth construction of your new custom pool. If there is, we will discuss with you the costs and benefits of either removing the objects or relocating the pool. If it needs to go somewhere, we can find the ideal spot.

Essig Pools

Rest assured, Essig Pools has been building custom in-ground pools for South Florida residents for a long time. So through the years, we have become adept at identifying and addressing potential complications prior to the construction of your new pool.

Making sure your pool can go where you want it is the first step in ensuring you and your family can enjoy your new custom swimming pool from Essig Pools.