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pool construction fort lauderdaleIn South Florida, your backyard swimming pool can be the showcase of your home, the place where families gather, friends meet, and people celebrate the finest things in life.

When you let Essig Pools custom-build you a luxurious backyard swimming pool, it will change your daily habits, the way your family spends time together, and even the way you live your life. Your pool will become the most important space in your home because it will be where you spend the most valuable time, together with the people you love or all alone.

Your Backyard Happy Place

Adding a pool to your home isn’t like adding another room. It’s like creating a whole new dimension for the way you live your life. Your pool offers a place to spend quality time with your family. It’s where you can teach your children to swim and watch as they play joyfully in the warm sunshine.

It also can become your weekday getaway, where you can spend time alone reading, soaking up the sun, or simply appreciating all that your life has become.

But it’s also where you can host backyard barbeques, informal get-togethers, or even life’s most special moments like baby showers, birthdays, or even weddings. Your custom-built unique pool space can become the center of your social life.

Essig Pools

Essig Pools is one of South Florida’s most successful pool builders, remodelers, and repair contractors because we give people more than just a place to swim. Our pools offer a whole new way of life, a place for fun, peace, and even celebration. We have the pool your family can enjoy for decades to come.

Now you can bring joy and happiness to your backyard with a custom-made pool from Essig Pools. Your new pool will quickly become the showpiece of your home and the centerpiece of your family’s life.