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Essig Pools has earned its reputation as one of South Florida’s most sought-after pool builders thanks to all the residential backyard swimming pool projects we have installed. But did you know that we also specialize in installing pools in commercial properties as well?

It’s true! From condominium complexes to country clubs, luxury resorts to educational institutions, our team of experienced, knowledgeable pool designers and builders have the skills, tools, and imagination to create a unique and exciting swimming pool concept for your commercial space.

Commercial Pools

So what’s the difference between building a pool in a home’s backyard and creating a pool for a commercial client? Size and scope, mostly. In reality, some of the residential pools we have installed in luxury homes in South Florida would rival those found in some of the area’s most exclusive resorts. But we have built some pretty incredible commercial pools as well.

The keys to both residential and commercial pools are creativity and collaboration. Too many local pool builders think they already know what you want. But the difference between Essig Pools and many of the other pool builders in South Florida is that we listen to your ideas and genuinely try to incorporate everything you want into the final project.

Essig Pools

There are standard Olympic-sized pools for colleges and high schools. Then there are luxury pool concepts featuring the latest features for high-profile commercial hotels. Then there are pools designed to fit into unique spaces in high-rise residential towers. We’ve built them all.

We’ve built indoor pools, outdoor pools, and some that are a little of both. We’ve installed waterfalls, infinity pools, spas, hot tubs, and much more. So if you need a top-quality pool for your commercial space, come to the South Florida leader in innovation, collaboration, and client engagement: Essig Pools.