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People who have lived through a summer in South Florida know that it can get extremely hot and humid. While the region’s warm weather attracts snowbirds from up north in the winter, in summer it’s usually just us locals.

But Floridians know the key to escaping the heat and enjoying the best South Florida has to offer even when the weather gets unbearably hot and steamy: A cool, refreshing backyard swimming pool. The antidote to South Florida’s humidity and heat is a dip in your refreshing backyard pool. Where we live, having a swimming pool isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Pool Installation

If your home doesn’t currently have a pool and you want to have one by the time next summer’s crushing heat and humidity takes over, the time to call Essig Pools is right now. We can send our team of design and construction consultants out to measure your backyard, design a pool to your exact specifications with the features and effects you want, and schedule the construction of your custom pool so that it’s completed in time for the summer heat.

Once you have your pool installed, you and your family will be able to enjoy it year after year. Your pool will give you a welcome respite to Florida’s summer heat. You won’t dread the arrival of summer anymore. You and your family will look forward to it!

Essig Pools

At Essig Pools, we have been helping South Florida families escape the heat with the help of a cool, comfortable backyard swimming pool for more than 10 years. Your new pool not only offers an escape from South Florida’s heat and humidity, but it also can add value to your home.

Get ready for summer in Florida. Call Essig Pools today and schedule your backyard pool consultation.