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With big pool installations in both private homes and commercial properties, Essig Pools will often coordinate our construction with a landscaper or fencing contractor. That’s because pools and privacy go together like peanut butter and jelly.

It’s obvious: Swimming pools are places where people are allowed to express themselves freely. They are where family’s spend joyous times together and friends gather to let loose and have fun. Most people prefer to be open like this in private. Landscaping, fences, and other privacy measures enclose the pool space so the people using them will feel more at ease, more relaxed, and more open to being their happiest selves.

Privacy and Pools

In South Florida, landscaping like palm trees, palmettos, and other plants that are native to our region offer some of the best protection against prying eyes. They are big, bulky, and tropical, offering atmosphere as well as privacy.

Privacy fences are another way to keep your pool private. In addition to keeping strangers from seeing in, privacy fences also keep out pests like alligators, waterfowl, and other trespassers, Your family will be protected as well as private when you add a privacy fence to your backyard swimming pool design.

Even commercial pools typically include some sort of privacy protection. Hotels, resorts, and even condominium complexes will often include stone walls or plants around their swimming pools so people can use them without having to be self-conscious.

Essig Pools

At Essig Pools, we build custom-design pools for South Florida families, commercial properties, and even institutions. We incorporate all your needs into your unique design, including your privacy.

Pools are where people can be themselves. Privacy landscaping and fencing help to encourage them to have more fun, be more open, and enjoy their backyard swimming pool without having to worry about who’s watching.