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At Essig Pools, we do more than just clean, repair, and maintain swimming pools. We also build them from the ground up according to your exact specifications.

In-ground pools in South Florida are our specialty. When you need a new pool installed in your backyard, Essig Pools has the expertise, equipment, and experience to create a unique, inviting, and enjoyable pool that is custom-fit for your specific space. Our team will come out and measure your yard, offer alternatives and options, and then get to work creating your new pool.

Custom-Built Pools

At Essig Pools, we don’t install cookie-cutter pools that all look alike. We don’t make you choose from two or three standard models. Instead, we build the pool that fits your specific space, meets your exact needs, and reflects your unique personality.

You can choose the colors, the tiles, the pattern, and even the features. And if you are replacing an old and outdated pool, we can even perform the demolition and haul away the old materials. We are full-service South Florida pool builders that create new and unique pools that are specially made to fit your home.

Essig Pools

Essig Pools cleans and maintains pools. We also repair and update pools. But we also create new and exciting pools from the ground up.

In  South Florida, a backyard swimming pool isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. With the summer’s hot and humid weather right around the corner, the time to call Essig Pools to start construction on your home’s new backyard pool is right now.

And when you add a pool to a home in South Florida that doesn’t already have one, you instantly increase its resale value and make your home worth more. Not only can you and your family enjoy relaxing in your cool, comfortable pool for years to come, but you may be able to regain your investment in adding it later when you finally sell your home.