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In South Florida, the sun isn’t brighter or hotter than it is anywhere else. It just seems that way.

Since we are closer to the equator and are located in a sub-tropical region that gets a higher average number of days of direct sunlight than most other places, it’s both warmer and brighter here. And that’s a critical factor when considering the placement of your backyard pool.

A pool that is in direct sunlight during most of the day, the water is going to get warmer faster, stay hotter longer, and be more exposed to the day’s heat more often.

Pool Construction

Once your new pool is built, it’s no simple task to move it. So choosing the placement of your pool pre-construction is critical. Consider how the sun hits your property, not only now but all throughout the year. The angle of the sun is going to be different in winter than it is in the middle of summer.

Then consider factors that can add shade to your pool, such as palm trees, canopies, or even your home itself. Will your pool be in direct sunlight most of the time? Or will there be times of the day or certain parts of the year when you and your family can enjoy a little shade?

Essig Pools

The placement of a new pool is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want to make sure you understand how the hot Florida sun is going to impact your family’s enjoyment of your pool.

Depending on the size of your backyard, you may not have a lot of options. But even if there’s only one place to put your pool, you can still mitigate the heat factor with the use of features like shades and landscaping.

At Essig Pools, we will help you understand what your pool will look like before the first shovel of dirt is turned over.