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pool construction fort lauderdaleIf you are in the planning stages of any kind of residential project in South Florida and are debating whether or not to include an in-ground swimming pool, let’s just skip to the chase. In South Florida — where the summertime temperatures can climb into the triple digits with humidity at or near 100 percent — swimming pools aren’t a luxury. They’re an absolute necessity.

So everything from private homes to hotels or resorts to public and private institutions like schools or health facilities need to include a swimming pool. Having access to cool, refreshing water is both a health benefit and an investment in your financial future.

Health Benefits

Anybody who has lived in South Florida understands why swimming pools are important to health and safety. It gets hot here. Really, really hot. So having a cool, refreshing refuge in your backyard where you can cool off is a must.

The same holds true for apartment complexes, condo buildings, and especially vacation rental compounds. Not having a pool is both dangerous and foolish. People visiting Florida are unlikely to pay to stay in someplace that doesn’t have a pool.

It’s also a financial investment in your future. It will be very difficult to sell a property later if you don’t include a pool as part of the construction plans now.

Essig Pools

Essig Pools is one of the leading providers of top-quality pool construction in South Florida. We can dovetail with your contractor to install your in-ground swimming pool during the construction project so that it will be ready to use on day one.

For residential and commercial construction projects in South Florida, not including a swimming pool is the wrong choice. It’s bad for business, it hampers your ability to sell in the future, and it can even put the people using the facility at risk.