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Young boy playing in a pool fountainEssig Pools has been creating custom pools for homes and businesses throughout South Florida for many years. But did you know we also create other unique projects?

It’s true. The mechanics behind swimming pools can be applied to more than just recreational spaces. We’ve also built custom waterfalls, fountains, water walls, and other decorative features for homes, businesses, institutions and more. If it involves water, our team of creative designers and experienced construction technicians can build it.

Water Effects

Many businesses are turning to water effects to create spectacular, memorable features that delight and inspire their customers. From outdoor restaurants that feature elaborate central fountains to casino hotels that host water walls to resorts that add working waterfalls to their pool campuses, the desire for water effects is rapidly growing throughout South Florida. It’s almost as if each business is trying to outdo the last one.

Fortunately, Essig Pools can build just about anything that involves water. Our experience with custom pools gives us the knowledge, skills, and tools to craft a unique water feature for your business. Water features can draw new customers and help retain existing ones by bringing them back again and again to your business. They also help build word of mouth as people tell their family and friends about these uniquely creative water features.

Essig Pools

Moving water can not only catch they eye but also stir the soul. Whether it’s a colorful water wall, a spectacular fountain, or an actual working waterfall that your guests can splash and play beneath, Essig Pools has the skills to transform your business with memorable and spectacular water features.

If you want to keep up with your competitors, you have to offer something new and amazing. Let the creative team at Essig Pools show you what we have in mind to set your property apart and make it the destination location in your region.