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IPool Builders in South Floridat’s possible to put a pool on practically any property. But the size of the pool depends on the available space.

Many homeowners are surprised to find out that their backyard can’t accommodate the size of the pool that they originally wanted. There’s more to pools than just the water. You need an area around the pool for decks, equipment, and access. Then there’s the shape to consider. If you want a common rectangular pool, you need a lot that can fit it. But if you want a custom-designed shape or additional features like a spa, hot tub, or lap pool, you likely will need more space.

Pool Shapes

It is possible, however, to get the same shape while still fitting the dimensions of the available space. You can simply shrink down the size of the pool so that it fits into the area of the backyard where you want your pool. You many have to sacrifice size for shape, but the end results may be worth it.

Similarly, if you want special features you may have to be willing to compromise. For example, a pool owner may want to add a water wall or an infinity wall to their pool. But if there isn’t enough space to accommodate the feature, something else may need to be done to make it happen, such as moving or removing a hedge or even an existing structure.

Essig Pools

At Essig Pools, our master builders have experience and knowledge. So they usually tell you right away whether or not your plans are practical. Even if what you propose isn’t going to work, they often can make suggestions to give you the unique, luxurious pool you want using other solutions.

The size of your lot may determine what you can do with your pool. But with Essig Pools, we can do a lot with even a little.