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At Essig Pools, we don’t believe pools should be ordinary. Unlike many other South Florida pool builders, we don’t just build the same pool over and over again. Instead, we create unique, one-of-a-kind pools that reflect the personalities of their owners.

That’s why we encourage our clients to choose unique shapes, add extraordinary features, and make their pools an expression of who they are rather than just another backyard swimming pool. Your pool should make a statement about who you are and what you want out of life.

Unique Features

So what kind of features can you add to your pool design to make it an extension of yourself? The sky’s the limit! What about exciting underwater lighting? Or built-in tiki torches? Or colorfully painted or tiled floors or walls? How about slides or diving boards? What about custom decking?

How about water features like fountains or waterfalls? A secluded grotto? An infinity wall? Underwater windows? Because custom design and build every pool we make from scratch, the only limitations to your pool design are the limits of your own imagination. We build pools that people can be proud to show off to their family and friends. We collaborate with our clients rather than forcing them to choose from a handful of styles.

Essig Pools

At Essig Pools, we encourage people to be creative. We want your wildest ideas because they will lead to a unique and exciting pool that expresses who you are. Your family is going to spend many of its most precious times together in and around your pool. So shouldn’t you have some say in what it looks like?

When you want creative, exciting pool spaces that showcase your personality, the pool design and construction experts at Essig Pools are ready to transform your wildest dreams into reality.