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Since 1981, Dan Essig and his team of expert pool builders have been providing South Florida homeowners with durable yet attractive swimming pools. Since Essig Pools has built more than 5,000 pools in and around the region for your family, friends, and neighbors, we’ve come to know a thing or two about pool construction..

But now Essig Pools has developed an innovative new construction process that can add years to the life of your backyard swimming pool. The Essig “Smart Pool” features thicker walls, stronger materials, and more durable design elements that make it the best investment you will ever make in the value of your home.

The ‘Smart Pool’

What makes the Essig “Smart Pool” better than every other new pool construction out there today? For one thing, it’s stronger. Our pools have 30 percent more steel and walls that are up to 50 percent thicker than required by South Florida building codes. Plus, we build our pools using Shotcrete, rather than the more common Gunite. That means your pool’s walls and floors are stronger and harder than other pools and are guaranteed never to spring a leak.

The innovation and commitment to excellence that have gone into the development of the Essig “Smart Pool” is one of the reasons we have received more than 200 awards and accolades from industry experts and organizations through the years.

Essig Pools

South Florida has a lot of pool construction companies that basically build the same pool over and over and over again. But only Essig Pools has the creativity and ambition to change the way pools are built in South Florida. Our pools are stronger, more durable, and better than those built by any other company.

So when you want a unique, custom-built pool that is designed to last a lifetime, make the intelligent choice: The Essig “Smart Pool”.