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Some pool problems are so serious that they can’t be fixed. In these instances, replacing your pool is often the best option. Cracks in the pool’s walls or floor, crumbling foundations, or leaks in the ground surrounding your pool can be like a ticking time bomb. If you don’t do something about them right away, they are going to get worse — and potentially explosive when it comes to expense.

At Essig Pools, our team of experienced, professional pool designers and builders will be upfront with you about which pool issues are easy fixes and which ones are going to require you to replace your pool entirely.

Pool Replacement

If you do end up having to replace your pool, you might think of it as an opportunity to make it better. If you aren’t simply repairing your pool but actually ripping it out and starting over, you aren’t limited to the same size, shape, or even location of your pool.

Your new replacement pool can be bigger, better, and have more modern features than your old one. And when you improve the quality of your pool, you also add additional value to your pool. Old, worn, and outdated pools can drag down the potential resale value of your home. But when Essig Pools replaces your old pool with a modern pool with state-of-the-art features, you and your family can not only get more enjoyment out of it, but you also can get more value from it.

Essig Pools

At Essig Pools, we provide South Florida homeowners and businesses with the best-quality pools in South Florida. With your new pool, you also get new opportunities.

So if your repair or replacement decisions land on the replacement side, it’s actually an opportunity to improve your pool, your home, and your family’s life together.