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South Florida homes that have swimming pools are generally worth more than those that don’t. But if your property has an outdated pool — or one that doesn’t work anymore — it can actually drag down the potential resale value of your home. Some realtors may even refuse to take your listing until you update your pool or make it operational.

At Essig Pools, we build swimming pools as part of new construction projects. But we also refurbish, update, and even replace existing pools to add value, utility, and even luxury to both residential and commercial properties.

Refurbishing Pools

The size and scope of updating a pool depend on the pool’s original condition and the needs of the client. For some, it’s as simple as draining the pool, repairing cracks or fissures, repainting the pool bowl, and refilling it. For others, it can be as elaborate as ripping out the old pool and creating a whole new one that is bigger, uniquely shaped, and includes all of the latest water features.

Our unique selling point at Essig Pools is that we offer both. We do simple upgrades as well as massive overhauls. And we understand that both add value and utility to properties — especially those that have outdated or non-working pools in the first place.

Essig Pools

Your swimming pool is more than just a place to relax. It’s an important investment in the value of your property. Even if you aren’t planning on moving anytime soon, updating or improving your pool offers long-term value as well as an improved living experience for you and your family.

If yu have a pool that needs to be updated, improved, or even replaced altogether, call the South Florida pool construction experts at Essig Pools. We will give you the pool you want with the value you need.