Here are Some Other Ideas for Your Existing Commercial Pool and Spa


Many South Florida pools have large, precast coping stones around the pool perimeter that make the pool look dated and old-fashioned. Essig Pools has a variety of modern alternative coping finishes to bring your pool into the modern age! It is important that you select the right coping for your pool, as the coping design is integral with the pool’s recirculation gutter system. Let Essig Pools show you what’s available for your pool.


One of the most popular pool renovation concepts today is converting the pool’s gutter system into a more modern look. Depending on the pool shape and other parameters, it may be possible to eliminate the gutter system entirely, and renovate the pool to look more like a residential pool, with recessed surface skimmers.

For those pools that cannot convert to skimmers as described above, another very popular idea is to eliminate the coping completely and renovate the pool to create that ‘infinity’ look – so that the water level appears to be the same level as the surrounding deck. Actually, this design is more appropriately called a perimeter-overflow; wet-edge; or tension-edge design.


Pools deeper than six feet were commonly built so that bathers could dive into the deep end. Those days are passed, as all commercial pools in Florida do not allow diving, unless in the rare case they have an approved diving bowl, usually only found at municipal or university pools who have very deep diving bowls and supervised training.

So if your pool is deeper than six feet, you may want to consider ‘shallowing’ your pool’s deep end to a more user-friendly depth. Essig Pools can modify the existing pool floor to the depth you desire, usually six feet, five and a half feet, or five feet. Besides making more of the pool accessible (and safer) for the average bather, you will save significant amounts on operating expenses, such as maintenance, chemicals, and heating costs. Payback is long term and permanent.

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