Commercial Pool Construction and Renovation Services for Greater Miami

Essig Pools is the preferred commercial swimming pool builder throughout Miami and South Florida, that specializes in design, constructionrenovation and refinishing of commercial swimming pool.

Our highly-experienced commercial pool designers and consultants will work closely with architects, engineers, general contractors, board members and project’s owner, providing ideas and aquatic solutions to all aspects of the design through construction and getting the pool ready to open.

To arrange a free consultation with our commercial team, please call us at 305-949-0000 or fill out our consultation form to request a personalized consultation from an Essig Pools expert.

Commercial Portfolio

Commercial Pool Construction

With nearly four decades of commercial pool experience, Essig Pools has designed, engineered, and built pools, spas, and water features throughout South Florida – from the smallest condominium pool projects to some of largest and well-known projects, and everything in between. There isn't a commercial project we can't handle.

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Commercial Pool Refinish

Does the interior finish of your pool or spa look worn, etched or discolored? If so, we can help. Essig Pools will provide a qualified commercial pool professional to visit your property at no charge, make an assessment of the interior finish and offer recommendations to get your pool back to a beautiful ‘like new’ condition, and meet code requirements!

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Fountains and Water Features

With water amenities such as entry fountains, lazy rivers, interactive water features, splash pads, spray grounds, water slides and multi-level water play structures; let Essig Pools help bring fun and impactful features to any property.

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Other Renovation Ideas

Modernize your existing pool can be done easier than you think! Let the team of renovation specialists give your pool, spa or complete backyard a gorgeous new look today. We will guide you through the entire process to get from an outdated outdoor living area to a modern pool scape.

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Consultation Design and Plan Services

One of the key issues for all commercial new or renovation projects, is obtaining comparable, competitive quotations from qualified contractors. Condominiums for example, typically need three quotes, mandatory per Florida condominium laws. Property managers are usually asked to gather quotes from pool contractors, but typically the quotes they receive are not comparable, with many nuances in the work scope they may not be familiar with. The result is the pool owners mistakenly thinking the quotes are all the same, when in fact they are not.

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Elevated Pools and Spas

Pools and spas built upstairs in high rises are special in that they require additional protection against potential damage to the pool’s structural concrete shell. Pool waterproofing, more aptly called damp-proofing, is a membrane that is installed onto the original concrete pool shell prior to the pool finish. You would think that this is an obvious procedure that would be included in all new elevated pool structures, but that is not the case.

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Compliance and Regulations

In 2012, major changes in how commercial pools and spas in Florida are regulated occurred, with the Florida Building Code (Building, Chapter 4, Section 454.1) as the primary construction compliance document, and local building departments the primary approval, regulating and enforcement agency for all new pool/spa construction and modifications. The FBC is revised every three years and the newest version is called the FBC Sixth Edition, and goes into effect January 1st, 2018. It will not be revised again until 2021. This newest version has many changes for commercial pools and spas.

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