Above-Grade, Upstairs, High-Rise Commercial Pools and Spas

Pools and spas built upstairs in high rises are special in that they require additional protection against potential damage to the pool’s structural concrete shell. Pool waterproofing, more aptly called dampproofing, is a membrane that is installed onto the original concrete pool shell prior to the pool finish. You would think that this is an obvious procedure that would be included in all new elevated pool structures, but that is not the case.

Believe it or not, there is no requirement in the Florida Building Code requiring developers to install waterproofing/dampproffing on elevated pools and spas. Some developers want to save this expense, so they just install the pool finish over the pool shell. However, a pool finish is not waterproof. The pool will look great for a while, then slowly, water will eventually leech into the concrete pool shell structure. Over time this water intrusion into the pool shell will cause the structure’s reinforcing steel to oxidize (rust), and may cause significant damage to the pool shell, even complete catastrophic shell failure!

If you are the owner of an elevated pool and spa, and you are contemplating rust repairs or a renovation, contact Essig Pools for an assessment of the pool and spa condition. We will provide a quotation with the proper specifications and scope of work for a successful project.

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