Does the interior finish of your pool or spa look worn, etched or discolored? Are there ‘craters’ where the surface has delaminated (missing/popped off)? Besides the age of the surface, there are many causes for this. It is important to identify what caused the problem with the finish.

Some examples are:

• Excessive water loss from pool leaks.
• Improper routine water chemistry maintenance
• Fluctuations in pH of water
• Metals introduced into the water from the filtration equipment or heaters
• Delamination caused by poor preparation and installation from previous finish installer
• Other sources

Most commercial pools and spas today are resurfaced with one of the many exposed aggregate pool finishes, instead of the old marcite plaster finish used in years past. These exposed aggregate finishes are blended with quartz aggregates and polymers, making them durable and long-lasting. These finishes can easily last 10+ years with proper care.

Special Note Regarding Commercial Pool Finishes – The Florida Building Code has new rules for commercial pool and spa finishes, effective January 1st, 2018. Finishes must meet specific Light Reflectance Values (LRV) per special testing protocols and standards. Be careful when selecting a pool finish, as installing a non-compliant finish may result in having to resurface the pool over if the wrong surface is used.

Essig Pools will provide a qualified commercial pool professional to visit your property at no charge, make an assessment of the interior finish and offer recommendations to get your pool back to a beautiful ‘like new’ condition, and meet code requirements!


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