the smart pool™ by essig


Since the day we first opened our doors, it's been our goal to build a better swimming pool - A pool that we can be proud of. That's why we created "The Smart Pool™" - To help homeowners get a high-quality swimming pool at a reasonable price.


The Smart Pool™ By Essig includes all the features a great pool should have to be beautiful, safe, and easy to maintain. For example, the Smart Pool has 30% more steel and up to 50% thicker walls than required by South Florida building codes. And it's built with Shotcrete, not Gunite, so it's stronger and harder than your average pool, and because we use the best materials and more of them, we back up our pools with long guarantees. (Get our FREE "Pool Ideas" DVD to find out why is Shotcrete better than Gunite.)


In essence, there are two ways to build a swimming pool. You can use low-cost products, and cut corners during the construction, and sell it at a cheaper price. Or, you can do it right. If you cut corners, you may save a little money upfront. But you'll wind up with a pool that's going to cost money and cause trouble down the road.


On the other hand, you can build a pool the Smart way. You can use high quality products, and use smart construction methods. This will produce a swimming pool that is cleaner, safer, looks better, costs less to operate, and lasts for a lifetime. That's what we call "The Smart Pool™ by Essig." And that's why every one of our pools comes with long warranties.

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Get our FREE "Pool Ideas" DVD to find out what makes a Smart Pool™ so much better than a "not-so-smart" pool:



  • Energy-efficient - 2 Speed Pump
  • Energy-efficient - Heat Pumps
  • Smart Controller - Automation
  • Energy-Efficient - Smart Solar Returns
  • Efficient, Oversized - Smart Filter
  • Efficient - Turbo Skimmer
  • Efficient - Oversized Plumbing
  • Automatic - In-Line Chlorinator
  • Salt-based Chlorine Generator
  • Chemical-buffering - Mineral System
  • Low-Voltage - LED Lights


  • The Smart Drain
  • Deep-end swim-out
  • Bull-nosed brick coping
  • Skid-resistant Artistic Pavers
  • Hydrostatic Relief Valve
  • Vacuum Line Safety Lock



  • Smart Construction
  • Smart Warranty
  • The Smart Spa
  • Vanishing Edge
  • Perimeter Overflow
  • Waterfalls & water features
  • Custom Rock Features
  • Fire pits
  • Flaming woks
  • Clear spillways
  • All-tile finish
  • Leaf trapper
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