FINISHING TOUCHES: Choosing The Colors, Styles And Materials That Make Your Pool Or Spa Uniquely Yours

The deck surface, tile, coping, and interior finish are the “finishing touches” that make a swimming pool uniquely yours. To see some of the options available, click one of the links below. Or stop by our showroom to see many more samples in person.


Deck and Coping
Tile & Mosaics
Interior Finishes


Deck and Coping

Choosing your decking and coping is a big deal, because this will really change the look of your pool. Stamped or patterned concrete is always available, but in this part of Florida, pavers are by far the most popular choice. These paving stones can add a sense of elegance and formality to any design. Or choose a rounded or tumbled paver for an “old world” feel. We recommend Artistic Pavers because they’re designed and built specifically for swimming pools. They’re stunningly beautiful, and always cool on your feet. And their bullnose coping matches their pavers perfectly. Or choose a complementary color for a more striking look.






Tile & Mosaics

Most pools have tile installed around the waterline. It’s usually made of ceramic or glass, but natural stone tiles are starting to become popular. Sizes usually range from 1” squares to 6” squares.

Mosaics are available in hundreds of designs and colors, and can be installed almost anywhere. Styles and patterns range from elegant to fanciful, and from single tiles to thousands.






Interior Finishes

Your choices continue to grow for the interior finish of your pool. The original marbleized plaster and Marcite have been replaced by a variety of polymer / aggregate finishes. With nearly unlimited textures and colors, these finishes typically outlast plaster by two to ten times.

“All-tile” interiors are also an option, giving your pool an elegance that no other finish can match.





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