Residential Pools

Anything’s possible with a custom concrete pool

Concrete pools offer the ultimate in personalization and customization. They come in different sizes, shapes, forms and styles that can turn your backyard into a spectacular oasis. It’s important to let your imagination run when creating a custom design. That’s why we invite you to look through our pool gallery. If you can’t decide what type of pool you should get installed, just give us a call or schedule a meeting with one of our award-winning pool designers that will help you to achieve your dreams, no matter how far outside the box you think.

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Geometric Pools

The straight and sleek lines of Geometric pools make it a very popular and contemporary design. You can opt for a traditional style and shape or design something different with infinity edges and tanning ledges. No matter what type of geometric shape you have in mind, we can create a custom design and help you realize your dreams.

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools provide a more natural look with gentle curves and non-traditional shapes that can make you feel in a more relaxed ambiance. Our pools are designed and inspired by nature and limited only by your imagination.

Roman and Grecian Pools

The classic style of a Roman or Grecian pool is an ancient art, as it was in the days of the Ancient Rome. The roman shaped pool is described to be a classic design with stylized corners and round ends, while pool’s shape with a Grecian concept have cut ends and sides. Both types can add elegance and tranquility to any backyard.

Luxury Pools

Thinking about a magnificent backyard? Then, let Essig Pools create that special visual effect of water that has no boundaries. Whether it’s an infinity edge pool, an overflow pool or vanishing edge, Essig Pools utilizes the elements of water, light, and sound to create your luxurious backyard.

Inground Spas

A custom spa can bring relaxation and romance to your backyard 12 months a year. These can be built in conjunction with a swimming pool, or completely standalone. The design options for spas are as varied and unlimited as the options for a custom swimming pool.
In addition to the leisure the spa brings, it also brings a water feature with the sound of a tranquil waterfall to your backyard

Custom Features

You have the choice to add and customize your special project with various water features such as fountains, waterfalls, laminar jets, water bowls, scupper, sconces or even fire features.
You’ll have the opportunity to see many of these features at our showroom.

Finishing Touches

Add that extra spark of uniqueness with tiles, coping, plaster finish and decking that will “wow” visitors as they admire your backyard escape.


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Residential Pools