Energy Saving


Pool owners love green pools! At Essig Pools, we create a luxurious and energy efficient oasis for your family and friends. Our pools are equipped with cost-efficient pumps, filters, lights, heaters and control systems to help you save money while enjoying your pool or spa. Altogether, our swimming pools use about 60% less electricity than standard pools cost to run.

Superquiet Heat Pumps

  • Highly efficient heating system
  • Uses 60% less energy to heat the pool
  • Designed to work with two speed and variable speed pumps
  • Swim year around. Heats in winter, cools in summer

Multi-Speed and Variable speed pump

  • Uses 60% less electricity when used together with our Smart Pool System
  • ENERGY Star Certified by US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Maximizes water flow while minimizing electric consumption
  • Large hair and lint trap

High-Capacity, Low Resistance Filter

  • Oversized by 33%
  • Less backpressure, more filtering area
  • Cleaner water for less energy when used in combination with Smart Pool components
  • Longer time between filter cleans
  • Easy to clean

Automatic covers & Solar blankets

  • Fits any size, shape or type of pool
  • Keeps debris out of the pool reducing cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Reduces heat evaporation keeping the pool warmer
  • Prevents evaporation cutting water loss and use of chemicals
  • Acts as a horizontal fence, preventing access to the pool


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Energy Saving